Direction and scenography: John Romão

Texts: Mickael de Oliveira

Interpretation: Ângelo Rodrigues e John Romão

Light design: José Álvaro Correia

Video projections design: Ivo Serra

Artistic colaborations: Cláudia Dias, Diego Beyró

Photography: John Romão

Production: Colectivo 84 / Penetrarte, Murmuriu

Sponsors: Câmara Municipal de Almada, ZDB

November 21th & 22th 2009
Festival Materiais Diversos
Cine-Teatro São Pedro (Alcanena - PT)
+infos: www.materiaisdiversos.com/festival

In a world where pop culture is part of the risk notion and manipulates it and performs it for commercial purposes, the play ONLY IDIOTS WANNA BE RADICAL aims to subvert such logic with the performance of a pop, young and beautiful image, considering the risk not an object of luxury consumption, but an essential object for our philosophical issues. The only profit will be talking about art and beauty through a mouth of a young model and actor, an image confirmed by his notorious fame: Ângelo Rodrigues. He will be teaching the ancient and postmodern philosophy, the whole history of art, he will be asserting certain values about the good and the evil, because «Only the intellectuals have doubts, and I’m more than that, I’m something that goes beyond the intellect, all made of muscle and prophet».