The Collective 84 is a creation and production structure of contemporary performing arts, based in Lisbon, focusing especially on contemporary theatre, both in the scenic approach, which favours a structure shared between creation and direction, and offers emphasis and a wide space of expression to Portuguese and European contemporary dramaturgy.
84 resulted from a meeting between two new creators, John Romão, actor and creator/director, and Mickael de Oliveira, playwright, having as a link the producer and researcher Ágata Alencoão.
The Collective 84 proposes to develop, within a space of European conceptual art, projects that have as their starting point the desire to create the “new”. We accept the risk of ambiguity and difficulty of that objective, recalling the words of T. S. Eliot, «Make it new», to try to escape - as much as possible - to the fraud of the “new”. But it is not enough the simple idea of the new or contemporary, and not just to develop it in practice as a lost island, but accompanied by the larger territory of the theory so we can understand it, reflect it, chew it and spit it with our own identity. Hence the collective not only incorporate creators or interpreters, but also intellectuals, thinkers and essayists who have come to associate with our initiative. Now we are ready to practice.
Artistic Direction:
Mickael de Oliveira
John Romão

Production Direction:
Ágata Alencoão